Generation Two


Chapter 2.1
Mollie wakes up the morning after her wedding convinced she’s got an heir on the way.

Chapter 2.2
Mollie and Garrett enjoy the calm before the storm.

Chapter 2.3
Garrett tells his father-in-law about the bun in the oven,

Chapter 2.4
Mollie’s mommy sense tingles for the first time.

Chapter 2.5
Liddy welcomes a daughter and two grandbabies!

Chapter 2.6
Mollie and Garrett buy a house.

Chapter 2.7
Mollie learns that parenting twins is not really her thing…

Chapter 2.8
Mollie gets job to get out of the house but there are unexpected consequences.

Chapter 2.9
It’s a birthday party for twins…everything is twice as fun!

Chapter 2.10
The summer festival is in town and the Hanks family goes to play!

Chapter 2.11
Toddlers are much easier than babies and Mollie finally settles into motherhood.

Chapter 2.12
Mollie gets new job, a new car, and a new look.  Is there a new baby in the works?

Chapter 2.13
Making a baby is harder work than Mollie anticipated.  She heads to China to take a break from home.

Chapter 2.14
Mollie’s trip to China

Chapter 2.15
Mollie and crew leave home and move to the big city.

Chapter 2.16
Mollie’s first update from Starlight Shores.  So much has changed for everyone!

Chapter 2.17
Fertility troubles are complicated by some unexpected news from back home.

Chapter 2.18
Mollie has a fight with her mother and learns that her daughters aren’t so little anymore.

Chapter 2.19
Little Oliver gets married!

Chapter 2.20
It’s a Halloween party.  Oliver gets a big surprise!

Chapter 2.21
Spooky Day has arrived!  The girls go Trick-Or-Treating and Mollie meets her nephew.

Chapter 2.22
The twins are having a birthday soon!  Time to plan a party!

Chapter 2.23
Two little girls become teenagers!

Chapter 2.24
It’s boy trouble for two boy crazy teens.  And Mollie learns you are never too old to be yelled at by your mother.

Chapter 2.25
Olivia’s secret is out of the bag.  An adoption begins.

Chapter 2.26
Oliver and Company welcome twins.  Mollie tells the girls about their new sibling.

Chapter 2.27
Little Adam joins the Hanks family for a Christmas to remember.

Chapter 2.28
Mollie gets an unexpected Christmas gift during the annual Gift Giving party.

Chapter 2.29
Food poisoning hits home since Mollie is too pregnant to worry about cleaning.

Chapter 2.30
Garrett and Mollie welcome baby Lucy to the ranks.

Chapter 2.31
With anew family member the house is a bit cramped.  Remodeling happens.

Chapter 2.32
Penny and Liv prepare to age up and head to college.

Chapter 2.33
The twins have a birthday party fit for queens.

Chapter 2.34
Mollie spends time with both her daughters before they head off to college.  An heir is announced.

Chapter 2.35
Garrett reflects on things before Adam’s birthday.

Chapter 2.36
It’s a Feast Party and a birthday for Lucy!

Chapter 2.37
Garrett plans a massive 40th birthday party for Mollie and buys her a hugely unexpected gift.

Chapter 2.38
The girls return home from University just in time for Christmas.

Chapter 2.39
Mollie hosts her final Gift Giving Party.  It’s her biggest party yet but a glitch with the gifts creates an unlikely situation.

Chapter 2.40
Mollie and crew celebrate Christmas as a family.  Garrett interviews Penny’s new “friend” and Olivia drops a bombshell.

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