Generation Three


Penny’s Letter from University — Year 1
Penny writes home and tells her parents everything that has happened to her during her first year of college

Penny’s Diary — Year 1
Penny confides to her diary everything this didn’t write home about during her first year of college.

Penny’s Diary — Year 2
Penny heads off to her final year of university without her lifelong sidekick, twin sister Olivia.

Penny’s Prologue
Penny returns home after graduating from University and is met with many changes: a new cousin, a wedding, and the arrival of a long-awaited baby.

Chapter 3.1
After Mollie’s startling news, Penny gets the heck out of dodge and buys her own home.  After realizing it is an awful house, Penny does the unthinkable.

Chapter 3.2
Penny explores Egypt!

Chapter 3.3
Penny takes China!

Chapter 3.4
Penny falls in love with France.

Chapter 3.5
Penny returns home and gives the house a full blown makeover.  Adam moves in with his sister.

Chapter 3.6
Three months after returning from France Penny finally gets a job.  She visits with Liv and Bug and gets a double dose of heartbreaking news.

Chapter 3.7
Penny and Adam have a tough bonding moment.  Penny gets a makeover and teaches Adam how to drive.  Adam heads to Prom with his new girlfriend.

Chapter 3.8
Penny gets robbed, catches up with family, and heads to the Fall Festival.

Chapter 3.9
Penny goes in for her procedure.  Afterwards she goes to visit the most important person in her life

Chapter 3.10
A year later Penny has mellowed and matured.  Bug is growing up and Liv’s family is growing.  Penny gets a new roommate.

Chapter 3.11
It’s Love Day in Starlight Shores and Penny is off to meet her nephew Pickle.  Xander has a surprise for Penny but is advised against it by Mike.

Chapter 3.12
Penny wins a competition and brings home a nice prize which she uses to update her house.

Chapter 3.13
Penny has a rough day at work.  Xander and Penny finally plan a wedding.  Penny reaches the top of her career and achieves her lifetime wish.

Chapter 3.14
Penny and crew pick a wedding venue!

Chapter 3.15
Penny, Liv, and Mollie head to the big city for one last single fling.  Oh, and to find a wedding dress for Penny.

Chapter 3.16
Penny gets married.  Oh Sob!  Oh Cry!

Chapter 3.17
Adam plans to head off to University.  Bug has a birthday.

Chapter 3.18
Spooky Day arrives and Penny has to have another party.

Chapter 3.19
Snowflake Day is here!  The family comes over (again) and someone finally cleans up for Penny!

Chapter 3.20
Adam’s birthday is here!  He graduates with huge honors and Penny makes a promise she doesn’t want to keep.

Chapter 3.21
Finally!  A honeymoon!

Chapter 3.22
Penny and Xander are busy enjoying their honeymoon when Penny gets bad news.

Chapter 3.23
A funeral.

Chapter 3.24
Xander drops a bomb on Penny and Penny makes an announcement.

Chapter 3.25
Penny drops a bomb on Adam.

Chapter 3.26
Moving day has arrived!

Chapter 3.27
Penny becomes a mother!

Chapter 3.28
Routine, routine, routine.

Chapter 3.29
Penny finds a house and Adam becomes a first time father!

Chapter 3.30
Penny gets her dream house.

Chapter 3.31
Penny has a day out with her favorite nephew.

Chapter 3.32
Birthday cakes and puppies.  Nuff said.

Chapter 3.33
Harper learns to walk and Hannah has an announcement and a gift.

Chapter 3.34
House updates, college plans, and a new nanny round out this chapter.

Chapter 3.35
Penny gets a makeover and goes on her first date in years.

Chapter 3.36
It’s finally time for a proper Christmas celebration in Storybrook County!

Chapter 3.37
Penny hosts the annual Christmas bash with her whole family in attendance.  After the party Penny gets invited on a Christmas date.

Chapter 3.38
Penny goes on a date, learns some things about Pete, and Bug comes home from boarding school.

Chapter 3.39
Bug proves challenging as teen and she and Penny have a major fight..

Chapter 3.40
Pete shows his true colors.

Chapter 3.41
Bug attends prom.  Penny and Pete spend some alone time together

Chapter 3.42
Bug has quite the surprise for Penny

Chapter 3.43
Everyone pitches in to help Bug through her pregnancy.  When that baby comes along everyone is in for a big surprise!

Chapter 3.44
Three years after the birth of Kayleigh and Kennedy everybody is growing up.  Katie is graduating from college and Dylan is moving out on his own.  Peter and Penny have a surprise for Katherine and the twins.

The Engagement
Peter and Penny’s engagement story!

Chapter 3.45
Despite the empty house and the need to downsize, Peter has a surprise for his bride.

Chapter 3.46
The family works to get settled in after their move.

Chapter 3.47
It’s time for a much needed family outing at the Spring Festival

Chapter 3.48
Penny ends up getting a part-time job to make a little cash before the wedding.  Peter and the girls party it up while mom’s away.

Chapter 3.49
Mollie, Katie, Liddy, and Linzy show up a week before the wedding to give Penny the gift of a lifetime!

Chapter 3.50
It’s wedding time!

Chapter 3.51
Penny and Peter are in wedded bliss and decide to add to their family.

Chapter 3.52
Young Simon Alexander Pagano joins the family.

Chapter 3.53
The family decides to send out summer in style and Penny gets an unexpected blast from the past.

Chapter 3.54
Fall has arrived and Spooky Day is here.  Penny and crew enjoy the haunts and throw a Feast Day party.

Chapter 3.55
Winter is just around the corner and Penny is getting ready for the holidays.

Chapter 3.56
A stroke of bad luck hits just in time for the Christmas.

Chapter 3.57
Peter and Penny make a bet.

Chapter 3.58
Peter gets some really unexpected news.  He and Penny struggle to process this new development.

Chapter 3.59
Penny and Peter host the annual Christmas party.

Chapter 3.60
Peter and Penny welcome their fourth child.

Chapter 3.61
Peter and Penny go to find out the sex of their baby.  Simon has a birthday party.

Chapter 3.62
Penny goes to meet with Xander about Harper’s birthday.  She wakes up to some startling news.

Chapter 3.63
Penny learns the extent of the damage to her life.

Chapter 3.64
Penny tries to move on by moving away.

Chapter 3.65
Penny reassess her finances and decides she needs to make some personal changes and some occupational changes.

Chapter 3.66
Penny heads to work at the bar and meets a mystery man.  She plans her family Christmas party and sets up a meet and greet for Muppet’s new sibling.

Chapter 3.67
Penny meets Dr. McNamara and her new puppy.  She hosts the family Christmas party and gets accepted to college.

Chapter 3.68
Penny decides it is time for an upgrade.

Chapter 3.69
The men of the legacy rock Penny’s home renovation.  Penny brings home Copernicus Hanks.

Chapter 3.70
Penny goes on her first date and then signs on for a second date which ends…a little strangely.

Chapter 3.71
Penny decides the third date is going to be a big one but first she needs a pep talk from her ladies.

Chapter 3.72
Finn spends the night but then uses a loophole to get Penny to tell him about her past.

Chapter 3.73
Penny and Finn go on their biggest date yet and it could change everything.

Chapter 3.74
Penny makes a big decision.

Chapter 3.75
Penny and Finn invite the family over to get to know everyone.  Finn and Garrett have a surprise for her.

Chapter 3.76
Bachelor and Bachelorette Parties for EVERYONE!

Chapter 3.77
The wedding!

Chapter 3.78
Penny and Finn Honeymoon in China!

Chapter 3.79
Penny and Finn get back into the swing of things

Chapter 3.80
Some big news for Penny and Finn

Chapter 3.81
Penny and Finn find their new normal.

Chapter 3.82
Penny and Finn throw a Feast Day party for family and friends.

Chapter 3.83
Welcome Owen Finley and Aiden Grey!

Chapter 3.84
Finn goes back to work leaving Penny alone with the twins.  Finn returns with a gift for Penny.

Chapter 3.85
The twins disappear!  Finn and Penny decide to expand the family.

Chapter 3.86
Finn and Penny try for a baby (several times).  They decide to take on some big business ventures.

Chapter 3.87
The boys have a birthday

Chapter 3.88
With the boys in school, Penny enjoys some alone time…but not for long.

Chapter 3.89
Summer fun, gender reveals, and a photoshoot

Chapter 3.90
Welcome Ellie Jayne!  Goodbye Miss Mollie!

Chapter 3.91
Garrett moves in with Penny and crew.  The twins have a surprise for Mom.

Chapter 3.92
Finn has a birthday and a midlife crisis

Chapter 3.93
A bazillion birthdays

Chapter 3.94
Penny gets a new horse and a new house

France: Day 1
Family Vacation Album

France: Day 3
Family Vacation Album

France: Day 7
Family Vacation Album

Chapter 3.95
The big move

Chapter 3.96
Owen learns to drive and Penny gets some startling news

Chapter 3.97
Penny and Finn take Ellie to the park.  Penny takes Lucinda baby shopping.

Chapter 3.98
Ellie has a birthday.  End of Generation 3.

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