Generation One

Lydia Lox

A fairy and alchemist by trade. Lydia is also a spitfire and a trickster. Re-married her husband Victor after he died using the Transmuter. She has four children Mollie, Oliver, Colleen, and Holly.  Liddy also boasts about her seven grandchildren: Penny, Olivia, Adam, Lucy, Luka, Lotus, and Louis.

Chapter 1.1
Lydia Aglovale introduces herself and her boyfriend Victor Lox.  We learn about her past and what she hopes for her future.

Chapter 1.2
Liddy tries her hand as an Alchemist.  Victor casts a love charm with unfortunate results for Liddy.

Chapter 1.3
Liddy heads to the doctor for a pregnancy test.  Victor has a surprise of his own.  Do they both get what they want?

Chapter 1.4
Victor plays games with Liddy’s heart.  Who will win?

Chapter 1.5
Wedding Bells are heard in Moonlight Falls!

Chapter 1.6
Vic and Liddy get makeovers.  Liddy makes a big decision regarding family.

Chapter 7
Liddy finally sells a potion.  Victor finds them a home for a family.

Chapter 1.8
Liddy and Victor realize they cannot afford their dreamhouse.  Liddy takes to making potions.  Victor resorts to drastic measures that cost him more than he bargained for.

Chapter 1.9
Liddy is suffering after Vic’s untimely death.  She makes the decision to pack her things and make a new start.

Chapter 1.10
Liddy moves into the house she was going to buy with Victor.  She makes a startling discovery.

Chapter 1.11
Marigold comes over and talks some sense into Liddy.  Liddy gets an odd phone call about her husband’s body.

Chapter 1.12
After taking Victor’s body to the hospital, Liddy get a surprising visitor at home.

Chapter 1.13
Liddy and Victor remarry.  Liddy gets the flu.

Chapter 1.14
Victor and Liddy are robbed on their wedding night.  Liddy takes a pregnancy test.

Chapter 1.15
Victor takes over all of the housework.  Liddy enjoys pregnancy.

Chapter 1.16
Victor and Lydia welcome baby Mollie Annette Lox into the world.

Chapter 1.17
Liddy has trouble adjusting to being a new mom.  Victor wants another baby.

Chapter 1.18
Mollie has a birthday.

Chapter 1.19
A new family moves to town.  Victor and Liddy throw a party to welcome their new neighbors.

Chapter 1.20
Liddy thinks another baby would be a good idea.  Kia has some interesting news for Liddy and Vic.

Chapter 1.21
Liddy learns she is pregnant.

Chapter 1.22
Liddy starts nesting.  She and Victor welcome Oliver Basil Lox into their growing family.

Chapter 1.23
Liddy and Victor fight about money and the kids.

Chapter 1.24
iddy and Vic are not seeing eye-to-eye when it comes to their family.  A date night is in order.

Chapter 1.25
Liddy finds out she has a secret admirer.  Victor’s absence makes things difficult for Liddy.

Chapter 1.26
It’s a party for Mollie and Oliver!

Chapter 1.27
It’s Leisure Day in Moonlight Falls!

Chapter 1.28
Mollie has a sleepover with friends.

Chapter 1.29
It’s another birthday for Mollie and Oliver!  The house gets a makeover.

Chapter 1.30
Liddy pulls some strings for her daughter.  Mollie repays her by having a teen party and the cops were not invited.

Chapter 1.31
Mollie graduates from high school.  Victor has a birthday and a mid-life crisis.

Chapter 1.32
Mollie gets an unexpected gift during the annual Snowflake Day party.

Chapter 1.33
Mollie leaves for University.

Chapter 1.34
Mollie writes home from University.

Chapter 1.35
More emails from university!

Chapter 1.36
More university antics from Mollie!

Chapter 1.37
Mollie makes bad decisions.

Chapter 1.38
Mollie graduates from University.  Oliver has a birthday and heads off to boarding school.

Chapter 1.39
Mollie has a bachelorette party.  Garrett has a bachelor party with odd results.

Chapter 1.40
Mollie gets married and the torch passes to Generation 2.

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