Generation Four

Generation 4.jpg

Generation Four Introduction
Meet the new faces and get reacquainted with the old.

Chapter 4.1
Catch up on the last 10 years and get to know Ellie Jayne a little better.

Chapter 4.2
Divorces, redecorating, and pool parties!  Oh my!

Chapter 4.3
Ellie Jayne gets a lecture from Penny.  When Ellie Jayne rebels, Finn’s issues come to light.

Chapter 4.4
Ellie Jayne can’t deal with Penny any longer so Ellie concocts a plan with Annie.

Chapter 4.5
After further testing, Ellie’s plan comes to fruition.

Chapter 4.6
Ellie Jayne updates us on recent events in the McNamara family.

Chapter 4.7
Ellie Jayne takes Oscar out on a date and then to meet the family!

Chapter 4.8
Ellie Jayne plays the dating game with Oscar!

Chapter 4.9
It’s homecoming!

Chapter 4.10
Auntie Liv is here to stay!

Chapter 4.11
Christmas Eve adventures with the crew.

Chapter 4.12
Get your tissues ready. Christmas has arrived in Winchester…among other things.

Chapter 4.13
Welcome to Ridge Hall!

Chapter 4.14
Dani learns the Ridge Hall routine while dealing with her constant companion: morning sickness.

Chapter 4.15
Dani finds out her due date and tries to make some decisions about the future.

Chapter 4.16
It’s Dani’s turn to find out what she’s having!

Chapter 4.17
Baby Noah’s on his way!

Chapter 4.18
The world shatters for the girls at Ridge Hall

Chapter 4.19
Baby Beanie arrives!

Chapter 4.20
Birthdays and bittersweet goodbyes.

Chapter 4.21
Dani returns home and must confront her parents.

Chatper 4.22
Dani heads to town for her graduation party

Chapter 4.23
Dani registers for classes and gets used to life on her own.

Chapter 4.24
Dani has to face the music and make some tough choices.

Chapter 4.25
Now that she’s a free woman, Dani gets a makeover to start her new life.

Chapter 4.26
Dani’s first day of college!

Chapter 4.27
Dani learns some hard lessons about being a teen mom.

Chapter 4.28
Finals crunch time!

Chapter 4.29
Family time and BBQs!

Chapter 4.30
Garrett’s funeral

Chapter 4.31
Moving day!

Chapter 4.32
Unexpected phone calls….

Chapter 4.33
The dating game!

Chapter 4.34
House hunting!

Chapter 4.35
House party!

Chapter 4.36
Pasts and Futures

Chapter 4.37
One of those days

Chapter 4.38
Welcome back to Uni!

Chapter 4.39
We return to find a lot has changed for Dani

Chapter 4.40
Family Adventures with Dani and crew!

Chapter 4.41
Family outings at the summer festival

Chapter 4.42
Major decisions must be made

Chapter 4.43
Paris: Week 1

Chapter 4.44
Dani and Lucian prepare to return home

Chapter 4.45
The hunt for the potion is on!

Chapter 4.46
Wedding planning begins!

Chapter 4.47
Changes on the home front after some sad news

Chapter 4.48
Wedding Bells!

Chapter 4.49
Moving Day!

Chapter 4.50
The Orfeo family makes new human and animal friends!

Chapter 4.51
Vi heads off to military school and Hadley has a birthday.

Chapter 4.52
Dani and Lucian reconnect and Lucian’s potion is finished!

Chapter 4.53
Spooky Day has arrived and Penny helps Dani achieve her dreams.

Chapter 4.54
The grand opening of Snickerdoodles and the return of Violet!

Chapter 4.55
The legacy hangs in the balance and Vi and Dani clash over the heir.

Chapter 4.56
Generation Four comes to a close with a fight and a birthday.

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