Generation Five


Generation 5 Prologue
Some potion making seals the deal for the new lead.

Chapter 5.1
Violet begins her formal training as a witch

Chapter 5.2
It’s prom night!

Chapter 5.3
Break-ups and Birthdays

Chapter 5.4
Welcome to Simbrook University

Chapter 5.5
Violet has a rough time at University

Chapter 5.6
Violet goes home for the holidays

Chapter 5.7
Violet runs away to start a new life

Chapter 5.8
Roughing it

Chapter 5.9
Violet needs some money quickly but the odds are stacked against her.

Chapter 5.10
Violet tries to mix and mingle but ends up with unintended consequences.

Chapter 5.11
Violet finally goes on a date but gets more than she bargained for.

Side Story: I Found The One
Side Story: Meet Chip’s father, Alistair Worthington Jr.

Chapter 5.12
Violet meets an old friend and once again encountered unintended issues.

Chapter 5.13
Violet renovates and upgrades her house while beginning the steady slide to crazy cat lady.

Chapter 5.14
In which Violet fan-girls a lot, argues with Grim, and snuggles a cat.

Chapter 5.15
Violet reconnects with her whole family after many years.

Chapter 5.16
Violet tells us what it’s like being a rising star!

Chapter 5.17
It snows in spring so Violet takes off for warmer climates.

Chapter 5.18
Violet reconnects with an old flame at an awards ceremony and sparks fly.

Chapter 5.19
Violet gets some news she wasn’t prepared to hear.

Chapter 5.20
Violet adjusts to her new normal.