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Goodbye, Eternally Yours

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This post has been a long time coming.  The bad news is: Eternally Yours is ending.  The good news is: it’s only ending as a blog.  I just don’t have the story in me anymore.  I don’t want to pay for photo-hosting.  I don’t want to deal with enormous upload times.  I don’t want to spend my whole week plotting out where the story is going and how it will get there.  I’m just over the writing part.

That said, I’m still playing the save like never before and I just love where Violet’s life is going.  I’m still going to post updates about her on my Facebook so feel free to add me over there.  Of course all this happened right after I got Realm of Magic and Vi finally became a witch again but whatever…none of that matters.

There will be one final Eternally Yours post here to catch us up on what’s happened since I last updated the story, then everything is moving over to Facebook where it’s just a million and a half times easier to post pictures.  I’ll do my best to make those posts public in case you want to keep following but don’t have a profile yourself.

Thanks for following along on this insane journey for nearly SIX YEARS!  You all are amazing.  Keep being awesome and know that I will be forever grateful for your love, support, and friendship.

Eternally Yours,

5 thoughts on “Goodbye, Eternally Yours

    1. I’m still going to be posting my CC and my builds here so I won’t be wandering off entirely. It’s just gotten to be a chore to write the story, upload, copy/paste photo links, pay for the blog and the hosting. Blah. It will be much easier to do just the few pics for the houses and creations ❤

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