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Chapter 5.17

Note from SweetPoyzin: Violet is coming through loud and clear these days.  Enjoy her thoughts on Sulani!

I know it’s hard to tell, but that stuff that looks like stars in the sky?  Snow.  In freaking April!  I know I wanted seasons when I left Oasis Springs but damn.  This is too much.

As soon as I saw the snow, I packed myself a BLT for lunch and was in the car.  I needed some warmer weather and I just wasn’t going to wait for Mother Nature to unfuck herself.  I found a beach on the map and was off.

It took a good four hours to arrive but I finally made it to the beaches of Sulani.  Not a moment too soon either.  I was getting seriously stir crazy in with the endless winter.  The weather was superb and the beach was just lovely.  The ocean though was stunning.  I was in love.  If I didn’t enjoy seasonal change so much, I’d move my butt to Sulani ASAP.

I found a random floatie on the beach and set off to sunbathe.  The paparazzi showed up before too long which was disappointing but I still had a good time regardless.

Unfortunately, it started to rain.  I took the opportunity to grab some goodies from the beach stand.  I really glad I brought my lunch because I only found a fire pit for cooking.  I might be creative but that was a bit much for my lazy beach day.

Speaking of creativity — I sandcastled my butt off!  Pretty proud of this little guy.  Do you have your exit buddy?

The rain finally ended and the cloud cover broke so I went to the island bar.  I met this dude who kept talking about mermaids.  I was intrigued but I don’t know how much I believe in that thing.  Of course, I used to be an imaginary friend and now I’m a witch so who am I to talk about what’s real or not?

People in this town just leave things everywhere!  I snagged this super cool Skidoo and tooled around the island for a few hours.  I’m gonna have to get me one of these and make beach life a bit of a habit!

I finished the day by just laying out on the pier and working on my tan.  This is the life.

4 thoughts on “Chapter 5.17

    1. It was all I could think about before Island Living and now it’s just non-stop “when can I go back to my happy place?!”

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